"TDR Computers offers in home repairs and a pick-up service for customers unable to transport their heavy PC to us or are housebound".


TDR Computers has been trading since November 2002. We have been offering PC repairs and servicing from this time and operate on a fixed pricing model for repairs and servicing to allow customers to budget for the costs more easily.


During our computer Health checks, we remove all Viruses & spyware, update software & drivers, clean out the insides of the machine for more efficient cooling and recommend any upgrades to make your laptop or desktop quicker.


TDR Computers offers in home repairs and a pick-up service for customers unable to transport their heavy PC to us or are housebound.

TDR Computers also provide IT support for local businesses. This includes network setup and maintenance including servers and client PCs. 

"When we supply a bespoke PC system, Everything is ready to go, all the updates are done, all your documents transferred, just take it home, plug it  in and away you go - it just works!"

As more customers change to laptops from desktop PC’s, TDR Computers repair service has evolved to encompass screen replacement, new DC power sockets, hinge repairs, RAM upgrades, power supply and keyboard replacement. We repair all makes of computers and laptops. Please bring your laptop along to us for a competitive quote.

TDR Computers supply new Laptops & Tablets and Desktop PCs from established brands such as Lenovo, HP & Dell.  We also supply custom built PCs for Specialist applications and Gaming Rigs. When we supply a bespoke PC system, everything is ready to go, all the updates are completed, all your documents transferred and all systems are guaranteed for a minimum 12 months.

So if you think your computer needs a health check or you want to replace that tired old PC or laptop with a new one, TDR Computers can provide you with the service and support you need.

In-store you will find a large range of computer peripherals and accessories including: internal & external hard drives, DVD & BluRay drives, PCI-e graphic cards, RAM, card readers, keyboards, mice, printers, speakers, Internet routers, CD & DVD Discs, wifi dongles, network cards, Laptops, bespoke computer systems, monitors, Anti-Virus software, cables, USB & SD/ CF memory, headsets, microphones, mouse mats and webcams as well as cleaning products.

TDR Computers stock a comprehensive range of ink cartridges from all the major manufacturers: Brother, Canon, Epson & HP at very competitive prices – sometimes as much as 25% cheaper than the major retailers