MacBook, MacBook Pro & Air Repair

Have you got a broken or faulty MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? If so we can repair it. We are a Mac repairer in Maldon Essex, providing an in-store solution to all your Apple problems.


Our Apple MacBook repairs are carried out by our own engineers, at our in-store repair shop so you know your valuable computer and more importantly your data never leaves our premises. Most faulty Macbooks suffer common problems, some of the most common MacBook repairs we undertake are: 

  • Operating system reinstallation or upgrade

  • Bouncing balls, flashing question marks or folder icons on start up

  • Entire screen assembly replacement

  • Logic board replacement

  • Faulty graphic card replacement

  • Keyboard replacement

  • Wi-Fi card replacement

  • Battery replacement due to swelling battery or failure

  • Data Recovery Service

  • SSD/ NVMe upgrade or replacement

  • ​Trackpad replacement

  • Hinge replacement

  • Thermal pad re-pasting and fan clean out 

  • Ram memory upgrade (older models only) 

Apple iMac & Mac Mini Repair Service

At TDR Computers, we offer full repair and servicing of any iMac. Our Professional team is ready to assist you and help you with any problem related to your iMac. We stock most hard drives, solid state drives and RAM to repair your iMac. If the part is not in stock it is normally available next working day Some of the most common iMac repair services we offer are: 


  • Operating system reinstallation, repair or upgrade

  • Bouncing balls, flashing question marks or folder icons on start up

  • Multi-Drive Combos (HDD + SSD)

  • Graphic card replacement

  • Data Recovery Service

  • Ram memory upgrade

  • Screen replacement

  • Hard Drive (HDD) Upgrades

  • Thermal pad re-pasting and fan clean out 

  • Solid State Drives (SSD)  Upgrades

What Happens Next?

Bring your Apple computer to our store, or call us on 01621 840844 if you need it collecting, we will then book your product in and diagnose the fault. Please remember to bring your MacBook power supply with you when you come.

We will inform you of the cost of your repair for you to decide if you would like to proceed. Please note any quoted repair not carried out will be subject to a £39.99 charge.