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Cyber-attacks are generally executed by an unauthorized person in an attempt to gain access to the information systems of organisations. Often these attacks are not targeted but generated randomly to take advantage of weaknesses in a business’s Cyber-defences.

The major reason why companies fall prey to cyber-attacks is that they do not anticipate one, and hence fail to have fundamental controls in place. An initial benchmark to work towards is the UK Cyber Essentials certification, providing 5 core principles and controls to help protect against cyber threats.

Any advancement in your security will benefit your business by improving the protection of your system, data and, by protecting hardware and computers from malware, the durability of the equipment is not compromised.

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Email Security

Deploying an Email Security solution is key to prevent Phishing, Malware, Ransomware and other targeted threats compromising your Email and your business.

Hackers, malicious intent and often human error can lead to data loss which could have a big impact on the operation and reputation of your business.

TDR Computers have teamed up with AppRiver to provide a Managed Advanced Email Threat Protection package. This helps to prevent malicious email from reaching your users mailboxes and provides "link protection" to check any web links within an email and block access should these be harmful.

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Endpoint Security

What is an Endpoint?

An Endpoint is a device your end users use to gain access to your data such as a Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile Device.

Studies show that over 50% of small and medium businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks. That’s why we take your security seriously and make sure that you have great protection on your endpoints. 

At TDR Computers we deploy the "awarding winning" endpoint security from BitDefender to your staff PC's, Laptops and Mac devices, centrally managed by us. This protects your business from the latest, known threats helping to mitigate risk and help prevent a data breach via these devices.


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Managed Firewalls

We keep our clients updated with the latest applications, technologies, policies, and best practice when it comes to Cyber Security.

An area of Cyber Security frequently overlooked is the hardened security of your Internet connection.

So many businesses rely on the basic Firewall functionality of their Internet Router. This is usually due to cost of access to Next Generation Firewall technology which can often be in the thousand's of £'s.

TDR Computers have teamed up with Barracuda Networks as a Managed Service Provider. This enables our customers to access the best levels of Network security for a reasonable monthly subscription and no up front purchase required.

Barracuda Cloud Gen Firewalls protect your network both from the outside and inside with features such as:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Built-In Web Security and IDS/IPS
  • Application Visibility and Control
  • Web usage reporting and control

To discuss your network security requirements, contact TDR Computers today.

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Barracuda MSPManaged Firewall Service
Cyber Essentials Certified

Cyber Essentials

All businesses need to secure their data and systems. TDR Computers Cybersecurity consultancy will help you protect your business. We deploy cost-effective Cybersecurity solutions to secure your email, protect against viruses and malware, and secure your mobile devices. We can also educate your users on how to deal with suspicious emails and harmful threats which could compromise your data and systems.

A great baseline for your Cybersecurity is Cyber Essentials. We can create the policies required and configure your existing solutions or supply new to secure your network beyond that required by the Cyber Essentials standard. The standard, set by the UK Government and the National Cyber Security Centre, has 5 key principles which will help protect your business from cyber fraud. If you gain certification, you will demonstrate to your clients that you take the safety of their data seriously. You will also be eligible to trade within government supply chains which could be essential for your business.

If you would like more information on Cyber Essentials or assistance in becoming certified, contact us today.

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