Data Backup & Recovery

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is your data backed up?

Is your Data Backed up?

In this rapidly advancing world, when downtime is just unacceptable, we completely understand how critical business continuity is. 

No matter where your data is located, be it in a public cloud service or within your own premises on a traditional server or other Hard Drive based solution. Ask yourself, what would happen in the event of either partial or full loss of access to your data.?

This could be due to file deletion or corruption, a hacker event or malware infection or even a natural event such as flood or power loss.

We offer a range of Cloud to Cloud or On Site to Cloud data backup and recovery solutions to suit your budget and recovery requirements.
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Cloud to Cloud Backup

Most businesses have adopted Cloud technology. Relying on a provider, such as Microsoft, Google or DropBox, to keep business sensitive, and critical, data safe and available at all times. Whilst these providers give high levels of security, what happens in the event of data loss? This could be from accidental or malicious acts, and you may find out the hard way that these services are rarely provided with a Data Backup and Recovery facility.

At TDR Computers, we have partnered with CloudAlly, a world leading Cloud to Cloud backup solution. Our service provides a data backup and recovery option for Email & Files held within Microsoft 365, SharePoint, SalesForce, DropBox, Box and Google Workspace. Ensuring that you are able to meet your recovery needs from for both operational and compliance needs.

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On Premise to Cloud Backup

To protect your on-site files and data from accidental, malicious or to protect against viruses and malware, such as Ransomware, you need an effective data protection solution.

TDR Computers are a Barracuda Managed Service Provider. Enabling a fully managed backup solution for your on-premises files, located within physical devices and virtual environments.

Our service provides an offsite, secure storage location to replicate your files with ongoing management via our centralised cloud console. We are able to effect a full recovery in the event of a full server failure or recover individual files - be they deleted or infected.

Contact TDR today to discuss your data protection requirements.



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Disaster Recovery

Are you responsible for making sure that your technology strategies and business operations complement the changing needs of your business? If yes, then we can help you in predicting these ever-changing requirements. There is a lot more to Business Continuity than just Disaster Recovery. Business continuity is all about recognizing the dependencies and keeping the business afloat. 

The majority of the businesses are unsure about their business continuity planning when it comes to data and access to major IT systems. Therefore, as a result, it is challenging for them to continue to be functional during and after a disaster.

At TDR Computers, we can assist you with your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. Have the conversation today and plan for tomorrow.


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Disaster Recovery
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