Are you experiencing power socket problems with your laptop?

Do you suffer any of the following faults?


  • The backlight on your laptop screen flickers whilst charging

  • Your laptop frequently changes from battery to mains AC power

  • Your laptop battery will not charge

  • The power socket (also known as DC jack and power socket) is loose and moves about or broken (missing pins or parts)

  • Your laptop will not power up at all (a dead laptop) with none of the normal lights showing.


Power sockets are easily broken and is normally caused by knocking the power adaptor whilst the laptop is plugged in or using the laptop on a soft surface such as a bed. Sometimes a lead is tripped over or pulled accidently and this snaps the socket off the board. Generally the socket is designed to be the weak link so it doesn't damage the motherboard.

All repairs are completed in our workshop in Maldon Essex and are not sent elsewhere for repair.

Replacing your power socket is a specialist repair and requires the complete strip down of the laptop to component level.


TDR Computers are very experienced at this task having completed over 400 replacement socket repairs so your laptop is in very good hands.

Typically replacement sockets costs around £60 to have replaced, the price varies between manufacturers and an accurate price will be given prior to any work taking place. Please bring your charger in at the same time so we can check it is working properly. If it needs replacing you can purchase one here.

Please contact us here for a quote on your replacement DC power socket