We repair all makes of desktop PC's and laptops. Scroll down for more details.


Are you experiencing any of these problems with your laptop

  • Can't power on

  • Wireless not working or trouble connecting to the internet

  • Screen fading

  • Screen cracked or broken

  • Black or blank screen

  • Locking up and/or freezing

  • Rebooting on its own 

  • Windows error messages

  • DVD drive broken or not working

  • Keyboard broken or not responding

  • Keyboard missing keys

  • Broken hinges

  • Damaged or cracked casing/ bezels










TDR Computers use the latest diagnostic equipment and software to pinpoint the hardware problem with your laptop PC. Our repair service will identify physical problems with motherboards, Hard Drives, RAM, Graphic Cards, Hard Drives and all other components. We have access to over 90,000 spare parts for all makes of laptops and netbooks

All repairs to laptop and netbook computers are carried out in our Maldon store and we keep you informed of the cost of the job so you don’t receive any shocks when the PC repair is completed.


If you require your Desktop or Laptop to be wiped, TDR Computers will backup all your documents, wipe the Hard Drive, reinstall any software supplied to us (subject to licenses) e.g. Microsoft Office and restore all your documents. We will carry out all the upgrades and updates related with Windows within the price.













This service has a fixed cost of £59.99. This is a repair service only offered at our premises due to the time scale involved.

This will dramatically speed up your system and give you the opportunity to cull the amount of pointless programs you have on your system


As part of of our Healthcheck we will remove all viruses and Spyware. Click here













Broken screens are normally caused by a hard knock that normally results in a bright area in certain parts of the screen and a inky look elsewhere with maybe some of the picture that should be there showing. The only option in this scenario is to replace the whole panel. Each laptop requires not only the right size, but the right connection and the right type .

TDR Computers stock a large range of popular screen sizes to suit most common laptops from Asus, Acer, Advent, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Packard Bell, HP, Lenovo, Sony & Toshiba.


TDR Computers offer next working day repair service on replacement panels. In exceptional situations we can replace your screen same day.

All laptop replacement panels and inverters are guaranteed for 3 months against mechanical failure but sorry we cannot guarantee the screen for accidental or deliberate damage. Panel pricing starts from just £69.99 fitted.


Power sockets are easily broken normally caused by knocking the power adaptor whilst the laptop is plugged in or using the laptop on a soft surface such as a bed.

All repairs are completed in our workshop in Maldon and are not sent elsewhere.

Replacing your power socket is a specialist repair and requires the complete strip down of the laptop to component level.










TDR Computers are very experienced at this task having completed over 400 replacement socket repairs so your laptop is in very good hands.

Typically replacement sockets Costs around £60 to have replaced,  An exact price will be given prior to any work taking place. Please bring your charger at the same time so we can check that still functions correctly.


Contact us here to have your computer or laptop upgraded 


All computers use RAM memory (Random access memory). If your laptop or desktop is an older Model, your computer has not been maintained or you are using a heavy processing Program such as Photoshop then a RAM upgrade may be a way of breathing new life into your laptop. Adding Ram Will transform your computer.


From the moment you switch on your system the difference will be apparent from start up time to the normal day to day working, the change in performance will be instantly noticeable. Because your PC is not using your hard drive as the RAM it craves and as RAM works quicker, the whole PC will go along quicker and without the constant chatter of the hard drive.

Different types of RAM are available dependant on type, age, architecture and style of laptop or desktop PC. Memory for your PC or laptop computer starts from only £19.99 fitted.

TDR Computers can normally fit memory whilst you wait, subject to space on the bench and by prior arrangement. Most popular sizes and types of RAM from 2GB to 8GB are always in stock. Larger sizes and gaming RAM is normally available next working day.


Traditional hard drives in your laptop or desktop PC are of mechanical design and work rather like a record player with a disk and arm. These wear out over time and are susceptible to failure but you are normally warned of this in the form of errors & a slow down in your machine.

TDR Computers can replace this drive & provided the drive has not completely failed recover all your documents and re-install onto a new drive. A 500GB  drive costs £109.99. Bigger drives are available for an additional cost.

You may consider upgrading to a SSD  drive. Further info can be found here