Convert Your VCR Tapes – Before It’s Too Late

Most of us have old video tapes of our families, friends and special occasions recorded on our old video tape camcorders.


With this service we can transfer your old Hi8, Video 8, Mini DV, VHS-C, SVHS or VHS video tapes to a DVD disc to watch again and again on your DVD player.

Want the convenience of MP4 file formats? If you prefer the ease of digital file formats rather than a DVD, we can convert your video to an MP4 movie file on a USB stick or simple download via our FTP server. A MP4 movie file, together with widely available editing software, can be used to edit your own video then produce your own DVDs and watch them on your computer/tablet and upload to your social media. A USB stick will also play on a compatible smart television.

Over time, however well stored, video tapes can deteriorate and your equipment become obsolete and unusable. Before it is too late, we can transfer your family home movie tapes to protect those memories for the next generations of your family.

TDR computers now offer this service by either post or dropping the tapes directly into us at 112a High Street, Maldon, CM9 5ET.

All work is completed in our store, nothing is sent away. Postage return is £3.95 regardless of how many tapes you send.

Many tape formats

We convert tapes to DVD including  miniDV, VHS-C, Video8 and Hi8 and of course VHS video cassettes. For more info on other types send us a message from the contact page.

Order additional DVD Copies

You can order additional DVD copies up to 30 days after the order completion. This allows you to share the memories with family and friends and makes the ideal gift.

DVD Disc

A high quality DVD disc that will play using a standard DVD player and television. The disc will also play on a computer with DVD media player installed. It is not however suitable for editing.

USB Pen loaded with your MP4 video files

An MP4 movie file to watch and edit with suitable editing software on your computer. An MP4 USB stick will also play on a compatible smart television.

Tape to DVD transfer