We value all makes of laptop regardless of condition providing your laptop is running Windows  7, 8 or 10. If you sell laptops on an auction site you'll have to go through all the hassle of listing it first, setting a reasonable timescale for the auction, and then hoping someone will buy it at a decent price. If your laptop sells then you have to wait even longer for the cash to get into your account and you have to package and post the laptop to the lucky bidder. Then you might have problems with the item not being as described, bad feedback or even worse the laptop gets lost, but, with TDR Computers everything is completed extremely quickly.

Just bring your laptop or notebook you wish to sell and we'll value it and buy it, providing you also bring valid photo ID. We pay in cash.

If you want to upgrade your laptop or notebook to a faster, better model and need to offload your old one, then bring it into TDR Computers. We offer top prices instantly for laptops, notebooks and tablets that are working or not. At TDR Computers you can be rest assured that we remove all your data before refurbishing the laptop so you can be confident your information is nowhere else - unlike second hand shops where they sell your old laptop as you take it into them!

We sell laptops that are previously owned and in good working condition and have been refurbished to our exacting standards. All our refurbished laptops come with our comprehensive 3 month warranty covering parts & labour. So, if you have one to sell try us first before considering other options such as private sale or listing in the classifieds